Sophie Green Moore




Problem solver. 
Question asker.
Story teller.
Experience creator.
List maker.

I'm Sophie and I love design. I also love ice cream, thunderstorms, books, prison documentaries, balloons, tequila, alphabetising, hot sauce, and colour coordinating.

I work to create thoughtful designs, that deliver meaningful results by identifying the problem and understanding the audience. My approach is based around thorough research and strong conceptual thinking. I want to create experiences that people remember, are inspired by, and believe in.

I try to make the complex simple and my design style is underpinned by playfulness and curiosity. I like to push creative boundaries through discovery, engagement and breaking the rules. I thrive in diversity and always strive to be unconventional. I ask a lot of questions, think way outside the box, but also see the good in simple ideas and solutions.

B Advertising & Marketing Communications (Major Event Management)
Certificate IV Graphic Design.


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